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Genomatics is a scientific company formed to build innovative, inquisitive and inexpensive bioinformatics products.

Proliferation of Genomic Sequencing data due to advances in Sequencing Technologies has created a 'Genomic Big Data World'. Deciphering the genetic codes in the human genome sequence helps in understanding how genes work together and how they contribute to various aspects like development, function and structure of the human body. That means genes are the fundamental building blocks for the proper and normal functioning of human cell. And abnormalities begin to occur when the gene sequence changes and contributes to diseases! Hence identifying genes and gene variants has become the most important focal point in medical and genomics research.

Powerful and cost-effective diagnostic and predictive computational tools are needed to skim through the outputs of genomic research published. Variants extraction from the biomedical literature by manual curation requires a lot of patience, stringent quality control procedures and agility.These databases contain large structural variants like CNVs (copy number variants), to small-scale variants like SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms), to indels (intragenic insertions and deletions). 

Strong molecular knowledge and computational skills are required to build value based content databases. A secure, flexible, powerful cloud computing environment is needed for accessing these large content databases easily from anywhere in the world.

And here we are ! With a strong team of experienced, dedicated professionals with international experience, Genomatics was founded to build  such great products in the most happening Genomics domain !

Genomatics has envisioned itself to play an important role in producing comprehensive set of products which will enable researchers to analyze their sequence data and find the gene or variant composition and relate it to diseases and drugs.

Genomatics with its regularly updated, manually curated databases will play a pivotal role in accelerating scientific research, discoveries and contribute to advancements in human health